Katherine Kelly, Au.D., CCC-A


Dr. Kelly completed her undergraduate studies at San Diego State University in Southern California, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and completed postbaccalaureate studies at Portland State University in speech and hearing sciences. She received her Doctor of Audiology degree from Pacific University in Hillsboro, OR.

Dr. Kelly completed her residency program in the private-practice hearing aid clinic setting after short work in a variety of clinical settings, such as the VA and educational audiology services. She has extensive experience in diagnostic audiology and working with hearing aids. Dr. Kelly enjoys helping patients with diverse hearing and balance needs, including pediatric patients and those with tinnitus or vestibular impairments. She believes that “hearing is the basis of communication and quality of life. I love enabling my patients to improve their lifestyles, relationships, and overall well-being.”

Dr. Kelly loves living in the Pacific Northwest where she can indulge in camping trips, kayaking, gardening, and spending quality time with her husband, baby boy, and dog.